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Vendor/Manufacturer shall hold and save harmless Crayola Canada (Buyer), its officers, agents, employees and transferees from liability of any nature or kind, such as liability under any copyright, trademark, or patent, including costs and expenses, for or on account of the use, sale or lease of any invention or patented or unpatented article or appliance furnished or used hereunder, including the use or disposal of said items for their intended purpose by or on behalf of Crayola Canada, Vendor/Manufacturer, by its counsel and at its expense, shall assume and defend all claims, demands and suits for infringement of any copyright, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property right against Crayola Canada, its officers, agents and employees within the scope of the undertakings of the Vendor/Manufacturer in the preceding sentence.



  1. Vendor/Manufacturer warrants that all articles furnished hereunder shall be free from defects in workmanship and material and shall comply with the terms of this Purchase Order and any drawings and If any article delivered hereunder does not comply with any implied or expressed warranties, Crayola Canada may require Supplier to correct at no cost to Crayola Canada, or return such defective or non-conforming article to Vendor/Manufacturer and recover from Vendor/Manufacturer the contract price and incidental costs incurred as a result of the non-conforming material.
  2. Vendor/Manufacturer expressly warrants that the goods covered by this order are of merchantable quality and fit and safe for consumer u Acceptance of this order shall constitute an agreement upon Vendor/Manufacturer’s part to indemnify and hold Crayola Canada harmless from all liability, loss, damage and expense, including reasonable counsel fees incurred or sustained by Crayola Canada by reason of the failure of the goods to conform to such warranties. Such indemnity shall be in addition to any other remedies provided by law.
  3. Vendor/Manufacturer represents that the goods covered by this order have been manufactured in accordance with the requirements of the Fair Labor Standards Act and Crayola Supplier Code of Cond
  4. The labeling of goods furnished hereunder shall comply with applicable industry guides specified by the Consumer Products Labelling Act

the Charter of French Language, and all applicable Canadian Federal and Provincial labeling requirements.

  1. . Vendor/Manufacturer represents and warrants that all articles and services covered by this Purchase Order meet or exceed the applicable Canadian Standards Association safety standards developed, established, and applied by the CSA Group.
  2. Vendor/Manufacturer warrants that all goods and services covered by this Purchase Order comply with applicable Canadian Federal and Provincial regulations, standards, acts, agreements, requirements, and permit guidelines, including, but not limited to, the Canadian Consumer Products Safety Act, Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC), the Canadian Environmental Protection Agency (CEPA), Container Chemical Regulations, all as In addition, Vendor/Manufacturer warrants that all goods comply with applicable European Directives and Regulations and the Federal and State regulations and standards of the United States, including but not limited to the Federal Hazardous Substances Act and the Consumer Product Safety Act, all as amended.



Failure to comply with any of the following gives the Buyer the right to cancel all or any part of this purchase order (and return the goods at the expense of the Vendor/Manufacturer,  if delivery has been completed.)

  • All shipments must be accompanied by a packing
  • All packaging and packing lists must show Crayola Canada’s purchase order number, line item number (10, 20, 30, ), Crayola’s 10-digit material number, quantity, and unit of measure as stated on the purchase order. Packages, containers, drums, etc., must be plainly marked and accompanied by a packing list specifying the goods and quantities in each container.



  1. Separate invoices are required for each shipmen
  2. Each Invoice must show Crayola Canada’s purchase order number, line item number (10, 20, 30, etc), Crayola’s 10-digit material number, quantity, unit of measure (as stated on the PO), unit price, and total
  3. Submit invoices to Crayola Canada, Att: Accounts Payable, 15 Mary St West Lindsay, ON K9V 2N5 or email to



  1. Crayola Canada has the right to cancel or change any unproduced authorized quantity at no penalty as a result of reduced requirements, unacceptable quality or delivery, specification change, discontinuance, or if the Vendor/Manufacturer is unable to remain
  2. Substitutions, excess quantities, and untimely shipments are not acceptable without Crayola Canada’s express written approv Non-conforming shipments may be held at Vendor/Manufacturer’s risk and exported or returned to Vendor/Manufacturer at its expense, at Crayola Canada’s option.
  3. Vendor/Manufacturer agrees that all information acquired from, or developed for, Crayola Canada by Vendor/Manufacturer in connection with this or any other order by Crayola Canada is confidential and proprietary to Crayola Canada, except to the extent such information is in the public domain through no fault of Vendor/Manufacturer or its agents or Vendor/Manufacturer shall keep such information confidential and shall not use the same except as authorized by Crayola Canada.

4.Vendor/Manufacturer assures Crayola Canada that it does not and will not maintain or provide for its employees any facilities in any of its establishments, and that the Vendor/Manufacturer does not and will not permit its employees to perform their services in any location, under its control, either of which does not comply with the Ontario Human Rights Code, the AODA, The Canadian Human Rights Act and/or applicable provincial legislation. Vendor/Manufacturer also assures Crayola Canada that it is an equal opportunity employer.

5.Crayola Canada may at any time and by written notice terminate this contract or any part thereof at its convenience.

  1. All artwork and all preparatory work created for, supplied by, or purchased by Crayola Canada in the production of this order, including tooling, molds, cutting and creasing dies, shall be the exclusive property of Crayola Canada and is not subject to any type of removal fee or penalty whatsoever.
  2. Crayola Canada assumes no responsibility for any materials or goods shipped without a Purchase Order having been
  3. For any questions concerning this order or pricing please call the appropriate Crayola Canada Buyer at 705-324-6105.



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