Art With Edge Pop Art Colouring Set

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Crayola Art With Edge is a line of wild, wacky, and whimsical colouring page designs just begging for your creative skills to bring them to life! Crayola introduces a new proprietary colouring system with the Art With Edge Pop Art Colouring Set featuring bold art that pops on fun, coloured paper. This pack contains art printed on dark paper that “pops” in bright colours when coloured with Pop Art Markers! Pick up Art With Edge today and start living on the edge! Includes 18 Tropical Pop art pages and 12 Pop Art Markers in a fun, funky storage portfolio.

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  • Includes 18 pages of unique line art, 12 pop art markers, storage portfolio
  • Art With Edge Pop Art Portfolio is a marker & paper systems that allows for super bright colours to appear on coloured paper.
  • Features fun and funky pop art colouring pages.
  • The Pop Art Markers lay down cool, bright tropical colours.
  • Comes in a fun, funky storage box!

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Dimensions 22.61 x 4.57 x 27.94 cm