Color Wonder Mess-Free Colouring Pad

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Kids can explore a world of colouring fun without making a mess using Crayola’s Color Wonder colouring system. Crayola Color Wonder Markers and Paints only show up on Color Wonder paper, so you can leave kids to their art without worrying about cleanup. The special ink is clear on most surfaces and won’t stain furniture, fabric, or skin. Kids will love watching bold, dazzling colours emerge like magic on the page. Watch kids’ confidence grow as they learn and create through mess-free colourful play.

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  • Color Wonder Drawing Pad
  • Can be used with any Mess-Free Color Wonder Product
  • Color Wonder ink only colours on this special Color Wonder paper
  • Mess-Free Art
  • Sold as a Pack of 30 Pages

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Dimensions 25.15 x 0.51 x 21.34 cm