Color Wonder Mess-Free Scented Light-Up Stamper

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The Crayola Color Wonder Scented Light-Up Stamper lets kids explore the fun of stamping – without leaving parents with a crazy clean up! The Crayola Color Wonder Scented Light-Up Stamper has inks that are clear, but the stamper magically knows what colour you’re using. Like magic, the stamper handle lights up to indicate which colour is being used. Hold it over the red ink pad and the handle lights up red. Watch it change colours over the blue and purple pads too.

Includes 12 pages of Color Wonder paper, 3 scented Color Wonder ink pads, Red (Candy Apple), Blue (Cotton Candy) and Purple (Tropical Punch) and 3 scented Color Wonder Pipsqueaks Markers in Brown (Cola), Green (Watermelon) and Yellow (Buttered Popcorn) and 10 zoo-themed stamps.

All other Color Wonder products will work with this set, and the no mess markers like the ink pads, will only show colour on the specially formulated paper.

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  • Includes: Color Wonder Stamper, 3 Mini Scented Markers, 10 Zoo Themed Stampers, 12 Blank Pages Color Wonder Paper
  • Magically lights up to show ink colour
  • Colours reveal on magical paper!
  • Won't colour on skin, furniture or fabric
  • Works with any Color Wonder marker
  • Batteries not included. Requires 3 AA batteries.
  • Contents and colours may vary

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Dimensions 33.02 x 4.32 x 27.69 cm