Colour Spin Out

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Create colourful designs and patterns with a few twists of the wrist! Just insert a paper disc, choose your marker colour, then crank the handle and watch art happen! Adjust gear arm positions for different outcomes. Or draw designs one on top of the other for multi-layered effects. Limitless design possibilities! Enhance your creations using the included glitter marker or with other Crayola art tools.

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  • Includes: Base unit, 40 paper discs, design arms, marker adapter,  3 pip-squeaks skinnies, 1 glitter marker and design guide
  • Gears: Move arm and gear positions to change your designs
  • Design Discs: Round shapes for colourful circles of art
  • Marker Adaptor: Lets you create with up to three markers at once
  • Load: Insert paper & insert up to 3 markers in the holder.
  • Snap: Connect holder arms onto the gears.
  • Crank: Turn the handle and watch your art appear!
  • Beautiful, intricate designs with a few twists!
  • Contents and colours may vary

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