Crayola Craft Party Animal Poppers Kit

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Crayola Craft sets offer kids and parents the all-in-one solution for simple, beautiful craft projects! With the Party Animal Poppers kit kids can assemble, paint, and decorate two confetti party poppers with animal faces, then pull the strings to release the confetti! Makes a fun craft activity for boys and girls. Perfect for kids aged 5 and up.

Includes 2 party poppers, 6 washable paint pots, 8 strings, 2 sticker sheets, 9 sheets of tissue paper, washable glue, 1 bag of tissue paper confetti (200 pieces), paint brush and instructions.

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  • Each Crayola Craft Kit offers kids and parents an all-in-one solution for simple crafts with a beautiful outcome
  • Assemble, paint and decorate two animal party poppers with confetti inside
  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Safe & nontoxic