Crayola Mess Free Color Wonder Kit, Vampirina

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If you’ve never tried Color Wonder before, prepare to be amazed. This Vampirina starter set comes with an 18 page Color Wonder Pad and 5 No Mess Broad Line Markers in Vampirina-themed colours: pink, light blue, light purple, peach and black.. All Color Wonder art supplies work with this set, so feel free to add onto your collection with mess free paints, stampers, or additional markers. The beauty behind Color Wonder technology is that the color only appears on specially formulated Color Wonder paper, never on skin, carpets or furniture. Fans of the Vampirina characters will love the line art, while parents will love the stress-free coloring experience.

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  • Includes 18 page colouring pad featuring Vampirina and 5 Color Wonder markers in Vampirina-themed colours
  • Works with all Color Wonder Markers and Paints
  • Mess Free Inks Never Show on Skin, Furniture, or Carpets
  • Includes 18 pages of colouring art featuring Vampirina and 5 no mess markers
  • Colours appear only on Color Wonder paper
  • Great for home or on-the-go
  • 3+

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