Silly Putty Ugly Putty Fake Poop

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The ultimate poop-prank putty! The Silly Putty Ugly Putty Fake Poop is disgusting fun with faux kernels of corn to make it look like the real thing! This putty is perfect for kids-being-kids and slightly naughty pranks. Unlike the real thing, this poop putty is safe and nontoxic and won’t dry out! Great gift for kids who like the poop emoji. Ages 4 and up.

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  • Contains 25g chunky Silly Putty that looks like poop with corn kernels.
  • Perfect for fake poop pranks, this Ugly Putty toy lets kids be kids!
  • Squish and stretch this funny toy that won’t dry out.
  • A great gift for kids who love the poop emoji!
  • Safe and Nontoxic, Ages 4 & Up

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