Erasable Coloured Pencils, 24 Count

Item #67-2424


Crayola Erasables Coloured Pencils let you change and re-do drawings or correct “mistakes”. Now kids can complete picture-perfect homework assignments and reports in colour “without having to start over”. Crayola coloured pencils are pre-sharpened and provide smooth, even coverage in bright vibrant colours. Crayola coloured pencils come from re-forested woods. When a tree is harvested, a new tree of the same species is planted. Crayola is committed to the highest quality standards of coloured pencils while protecting our forests.

In stock

  • Pre-sharpened
  • Set of 24 popular colours
  • Built-in sharpener
  • Easy to make changes and corrections anytime
  • Prevents smudges, ripped paper and do overs
  • Non-toxic

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Weight 0.18 kg
Dimensions 9.53 x 1.78 x 22.86 cm