Family Escapes Group Colouring Set

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Crayola presents colouring that any group of four can enjoy! Socialize and colour while you create 6 poster-size scenes. Take an imaginary journey together with 24 large colouring pages that form 6 whimsical destinations. Colour the pages with family and friends, and then bring them together to form an amazing mural! Now groups can enjoy a creative getaway that leaves the whole party happy, cool and colourful!

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  • Whimsical scenes for 4 people to colour
  • 60 piece set
  • 24 poster pages form 6 whimsical poster-size scenes.
  • Colouring for the whole family!
  • Limited quantity available, no rain checks

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Weight 0.87 kg
Dimensions 37.13 x 5.08 x 29.21 cm