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With Crayola Fashion Superstar you can create your own styles like a world famous fashion designer! Create dresses, tops, skirts – and mix and match however your like! As you create new tops, dresses, suits, scan them into your smartphone or tablet device where you can store your new trendy wardrobe in a virtual closet. Mix and match styles in 1000’s of fashion combinations. Crayola Fashion Superstar not only lets you design new styles but also extends the play with design challenges. Earn rewards and unlock new levels of the app on your way to running your own fashion empire. Fashion Superstar lets you share, like and comment on your designs. Get new fashion ideas from friends, share tricks and tips, challenge others in friendly “fashion-off” competitions. Download the free app to get started. Kit includes 62-page Design Book, 24 Coloured Pencils, 18 SuperTip Markers and Designer Case.

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  • Includes 62-page Design Book, 24 Colored Pencils, 18 SuperTip Markers, Designer Case
  • Create like a real fashion designer and build your own fashion empire!
  • 1000’s of fashion combinations to mix & match to build your virtual closet.
  • Complete design challenges to earn rewards and unlock new levels.
  • Compatible with Apple iOS and Android devices.

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