Giant Silly Putty 1lb Egg, Pink

Item #7166250015


The childhood favourite that you’ve loved since you were a kid gets SUPER-SIZED! Now you can get Silly Putty in a one-pound size, 42 times the amount in a standard Silly Putty egg. This large portion comes in a magnificent, eggstra large plastic egg-shaped container. It’s just like the smaller, standard version only it’s HUGE! Stretch it! Snap it! Knead it! Bounce it! This colossal blob of Silly Putty has all the great properties of the standard size. Squeeze it for stress relief or roll it into a ball and have a catch. Grab a friend and attempt the longest Silly Putty pull in history!

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  • 42 times the amount in a standard Silly Putty egg
  • Makes a great gift for a toy or novelty enthusiast
  • Comes in a large plastic egg-shaped containerAvailable in 3 colours: iconic original, pink and blueOnly available online
  • Limited quantities available, no rain checks

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Weight 0.64 kg
Dimensions 22.86 x 12.07 x 12.70 cm