Super Tips Washable Markers, 20 Count

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Great for any creative project, Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers can be used to write, draw, or colour in large areas. With creatively designed conical tips, the markers allow kids to make both thick and thin lines, giving kids better control of their creativity. Featuring 50 washable nontoxic markers, this marker set includes a wide rainbow of primary, secondary, and complementary colours ideal for colouring, shading, and blending. Great for artists of all ages, this 50-pack of Crayola Super Tips Washable Markers ensures you will always have the colour you need.

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  • Includes 20 Super Tips Washable Markers in bold Crayola colours
  • Markers with markedly improved washability from skin, clothing and now walls
  • Washes easily from skin and painted walls
  • Fine line tip is great for outlining, writing and drawing

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Dimensions 17.78 x 1.27 x 25.58 cm