Multicultural Ultra-Clean Washable Marker Classpack, 80 Count

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Bring more diversity to art projects with Crayola Multicultural Ultra-Clean Washable Markers. You’ll find 8 different colours that represent skin tones from around the globe including golden beige, tawny, beige, bronze, mahogany, tan, sienna, and terracotta. The conical tip makes it perfect for colouring in large areas, or drawing thin lines or dots and the washable formula makes art class worry-free! This Classpack has enough supplies for the entire class with 80 Ultra-Clean Washable Broad Line Markers.

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  • Includes 80 Washable Broad Line Ultra Clean markers in 10 diverse colours to represent a variety of skin colours of people from around the world
  • Markers with markedly improved washability from skin, clothing and now walls
  • Designed for cold water fabric wash
  • Washes easily from skin and painted walls
  • Cleans easily from common household surfaces
  • Conical broad line tip is great for large area colouring

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