Markers, Washable Broad Line, Ultra Clean Multicultural Classpack 80 Count

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Kids love to get creative with colour, but parents and teachers want to keep the colour where it belongs and easily remove it where it doesn’t! Crayola Ultra-Clean Multicultural Broad Line Markers now have an improved Ultra-Clean washable formula and come with two new bold colours. These durable fine-line markers are ideal for writing, drawing, or colouring in small areas.

This bulk Ultra-Clean Multicultural Marker Classpack includes enough supplies for the entire class! A total of 80 markers are included. There are 10 markers in each of the following 8 colours: beige, tawny, beige, bronze, mahogany, tan, sienna, and terracotta.

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  • Includes 80 Washable Broad Line Ultra Clean markers in 10 diverse colours to represent a variety of skin colours of people from around the world
  • Markers with markedly improved washability from skin, clothing and now walls
  • Designed for cold water fabric wash
  • Washes easily from skin and painted walls
  • Cleans easily from common household surfaces
  • Conical broad line tip is great for large area colouring

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