Model Magic 2lb Bucket, Naturals

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The ultimate modeling material for a wide range of hands-on learning projects and sculpting activities. New colours can be blended by mixing colours thoroughly, or stop mixing part way to create marbled effects. Great colours for creating nature scenes, wild animals, or whatever your imagination brings to life. Not only is Model Magic great for blending and painting, it is a key ingredient in many slime varieties. Plus, unlike other modeling clays and doughs, it doesn’t crumble or stick to your hands. Air dries to a smooth, resilient finish. Contains four natural colours: earth tone, Bisque, Terra Cotta, and White.

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  • A great way to store Model Magic, the resealable bucket holds loads of soft and squishy modeling material so you can use it again and again

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Weight 1.09 kg
Dimensions 24.28 x 16.84 x 21.29 cm