My First Crayola Safety Scissors

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The My First Crayola Safety Scissors are the perfect tool for worry-free paper cutting projects for creative little fingers! The rounded tips and plastic blades are designed to only cut paper, not fingers or hair. Parents and teachers can rest easy while little artists can feel independent with their crafting projects. This set includes three colourful safety scissors, each pair with a different cutting pattern – wavy, straight or zigzag cut. Adult supervision is recommended with all children when using scissors.

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  • Includes 3 pairs of safety scissors
  • Ouch-free! Only cuts paper. 3 different cuttingpatterns - wave, straight and zig zag cut.
  • Only cuts paper - not fingers or hair.
  • 3 different cutting patterns - wave cut, straight cut and zigzag cut
  • Age 36+ months

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