My First Crayola Washable Tripod Grip Stampers

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My First Crayola Tripod Grip Stampers are perfect for the beginning artist. Each My First Crayola Tripod Grip Stamper combines ink and stamper in one, no messy ink pad needed – just press on the paper and voila! The triangular shape of each stamper is specially designed to guide little hands into the tripod grip for purposeful and controlled stamping and prevents stampers from rolling away and getting lost. Each stamper features a different colour and shape with washable ink for worry-free fun and easy cleanup.

In stock

  • Includes 3 washable tripod grip stampers
  • Less mess – ink inside the stamp pad!
  • Includes 3 different washable ink colours - red, yellow and blue.
  • Features 3 different shapes - square, triangle and circle.
  • Washable ink easily washes off skin, clothing and walls.
  • 24 months +
  • Nontoxic

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Dimensions 18.42 x 5.08 x 19.05 cm