Washable Paint Brush Pens

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Crayola Washable Paint Brush Pens are perfect for any art project, even on the go! The paint is enclosed in a unique no-drip design that provides smooth continual flow of paint without the need to squeeze the pen. The paint brush pens feature fine tips, making small details easy to colour. The pens also feature washable paint, which washes easily from skin and most fabrics. This set includes 5 Crayola Washable Paint Brush Pens in purple, blue, green, yellow, and red.

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  • Kids love to paint, but Moms hate the mess and time required for set-up, clean-up and supervision. Now with Paint Brush Pens, the fun is easy!
  • Paint Brush Pens offer the very best in washability, while creating bright, vivid colours.
  • Contains 5 Paint Brush Pens... Red, Blue, Yellow, Green and Purple.
  • Contents and colours may vary

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