Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector

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Show off your cool drawings… in a BIG WAY! Turn any ceiling into your own private art gallery with the Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector. Draw or trace anything on the reusable plastic sheets with the special markers – you can even use additional sheets to create layered looks. Then project your creations on your walls or ceiling up to 20 times larger than the original size. Designed for ages 6 and up, the Paw Patrol Sketcher Projector comes with six markers and six reusable drawing sheets.

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    • Simply draw a picture with the special markers.
    • Activate to magnify and project! Images appear 20x their original size.
    • Draw on the acetate surfaces to create layered looks.
    • Trace images supplied or printed.
    • Durable, sturdy, plastic unit will hold up to the toughest use.
    • 4 AA batteries required. Not included.

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Dimensions 24.38 x 17.27 x 28.19 cm