Telescoping Pip Squeaks Marker Tower

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The Crayola Pip-Squeaks Telescoping Marker Tower features a convenient storage container that expands to three tiers for easy access to markers. Designed with see-through, durable plastic, the tower keeps all of the markers in full view, so your child can quickly access just the right colour. The marker tower comes with 50 Crayola Pip-Squeaks markers that are small in size but loaded with bright, bold colour. Your child will enjoy the variety of bright, vivid colours to use for art, craft, and school projects. The non-toxic Pip-Squeaks markers feature a washable ink formula for easy cleanup.

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  • Great desk top display!
  • Easy Storage.
  • Fun telescoping effect that allows easy access to all 50 marker colours.
  • Contents and colours may vary

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Dimensions 16.51 x 16.26 x 11.68 cm