Visi-Max Dry Erase Markers, Broad Line 4 ct

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Visi-Max Dry-Erase Markers are the ultimate for home or classroom use with bold colours, super-smooth lay down and crisp lines every time. The special wide chisel tip writes out lines that make Visi-Max Dry-Erase Markers easy to see – from all the over classroom!

These non-toxic dry-erase markers lay down plenty of colour without staining and work on all standard whiteboard surfaces. The four-count Crayola Visi-Max Broad Line Dry-Erase Markers comes with red, black, blue, and green colours. Mix and match colours on your whiteboard to emphasize information and keep students engaged.

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  • 4 chisel-tip broad line markers in bright, bold colours
  • Easily wipes off dry-erase surfaces
  • Low odour inks
  • Non-toxic

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