Washable Sidewalk Chalk Shapes, Frozen

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Turn sidewalks and driveways into your own winter wonderland with Crayola’s Washable Sidewalk Chalk Shapes inspired by Disney’s Frozen. Each piece is shaped as one of your favourite character from Disney’s Frozen and is sized just right for kids hands. Made for ages four and up, these bright, colourful chalks can be used to draw Elsa, Olaf and all kinds of other Frozen characters from the movie in any number of adventures. This colourful chalk kit encourages outdoor fun with friends and provides kids with an active, social, and creative activity. Whether drawing on the sidewalk, blacktop, or driveway, this kit brings the fun outdoors.

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  • Includes 6 Frozen character shaped chalk sticks
  • Have fun outdoors with your favourite Frozen characters!
  • Each character-shaped chalk is sized just right for kids hands.
  • These fun, familiar shapes are perfect for creative outdoor art and imaginative make-believe play!
  • Washable, sprays away with water.
  • Nontoxic

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Weight 0.26 kg
Dimensions 25.40 x 2.24 x 20.32 cm